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I’m Sarah. I’m a book enthusiast and writer living and working in Dorset.

I am currently finishing my first novel, which will be on submission to literary agents in 2021. You can follow the progress of my manuscript in my WIP Diaries.

A Book or Ten is a blog about reading, writing and all things bookish. You can find my most recent posts down below, or see everything on the Blog page.

I now also make (sporadic) videos on YouTube, where my channel is also called A Book or Ten.

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WIP Diaries #13

Look at me. I did a writing today! Word Count 3286 Total Project Word Count 63,301 How I felt about my writing Pleased. I did some rewriting and some new writing today. I decided to change the perspective, person and tense of my prologue – it’s the kind of change that can be incredibly intimidating… Continue reading WIP Diaries #13

WIP Diaries #12

I loved writing my MyNoWriMo posts in December, and while January has been slow writing-wise, I want to keep these up. Apart from anything else I find them quite motivating as part of a writing routine. Word Count Year to date – 2141 Total Project Word Count 62,372 How I felt about my writing Although… Continue reading WIP Diaries #12


Book of the Month

My January Recommendation

Circe by Madeline Miller If you’ve not read it yet, this is a perfect sumptuous book to kick off your year’s reading. Miller’s takes one of mythology’s little understood characters – often reduced to a cameo mention in other heroes stories – and shows us her life, from how she comes to hold her distinct… Continue reading My January Recommendation